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IDIMT-2021, Pandemics: Impacts, Strategies and Responses, 29th Interdisciplinary Information Management Talks

Schriftenreihe Informatik, Band 50
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ISBN 978-3-99113-261-5
Artikelnummer 20139501
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498 Seiten, SW, 17 x 24, broschiert
Doucek Petr
Chroust Gerhard
Oškrdal Václav
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Noemi Tifan


The COVID-Pandemic has demonstrated the vulnerability and fragility of our high-tech society and has redirected scientific research of human health, social environment and the economy. Technology offers effective responses to the medical threats. The world-wide challenges posed by the Corona virus have demonstrated the importance of Information Management which is reflected in the IDIMT 2021 conference by explicitly addressing crises and pandemics. Based on a double blind two-step review process we have selected 45 submitted papers plus 11 keynote papers and 2 invited papers with a totality of more than 110 co-authors. The authors have come from 12 different countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. The programme ran in two parallel streams and was connected virtually to off-site participants. We have chosen the following topics:

  • Digitalization and Industry 4.0 – Changes Caused by COVID-19?
  • Innovations and Strategies in a Pandemic Era
  • Digital Transformation in Crisis Management
  • Social Media, Fake News, Myths and Ethics
  • Digital Health – Emergency Support for Victims and First Responders
  • Smart Supply Chain
  • Cyber Security in a Digital World
  • Performance and Sustainability Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Trust in Smart Robotics and Autonomous Systems
  • COVID-19‘s Impact on Enterprise Software Development
  • COVID-19‘s Influence on Learning and Teaching
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