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Gastronomie - Service

Service. The Master’s Guide

€ 19,90
Carving, filleting, flambéing, marinating – step by step to mastery!
ISBN 978-3-85499-631-6
Artikelnummer 01103051
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232 Seiten, 4-farbig, 27 x 20,5 cm, broschiert
Wilhelm Gutmayer
Karl Heinz Gartlgruber
Walter Kalinka
Johann Stickler
Aus dem Inhalt
  • Carving
  • Filleting
  • Flambéing
  • Marinating
  • Special Table Settings
  • How to serve Cheese
  • Preparing and Serving Coffee
  • Spirited Service
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Claudia Höglinger


Carving, filleting, flambéing and marinating are superior skills required of all accomplished service employees for they distinguish them as masters in their profession. Furthermore, the perfectly performed service of cheese or coffee, where guests can at the same time gain knowledgeable advice, speaks to the quality of the employee as well as to the establishment.

This kind of service has a special flair that allows guests to escape, albeit for a short time, from the daily routine and experience the motto “The guest is king”. In a way, masterful service is like showing reverence to the guest.

Highly motivated service employees can easily be catalysts for excitement and enthusiasm in the entire restaurant. Many eyes follow these very special activities. If they are performed with elegance and bravery, more orders from other customers are likely to follow.

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